The USS Quad Damage

Please get off of my goat

Ads suck - nobody disagrees with this. They are a necessary evil. There are numerous particulars about them that can be an annoyance, but those that especially get to me are American ads. Or, more specifically, American ads that have been re-dubbed using Australian actors. It isn't like they're replacing the audio on an ad from Germany - US advertisements are in English, and so can be understood by the vast majority of viewers here.

So why do it? Do American accents make people a little reluctant to buy a product? We watch their TV and films more enthusiastically than we do our own (when was the last time you saw a domestic film?), so that can't be it. Does having an Australian audio track count as part of our "Local Content" quota, much like they do with Beyond Tomorrow and their Mythbusters segments? Whatever the reason, the greatest injustice is that everyone of these ads is done by the same two actors. Every single time. Their voices are burned into my brain, and I am sure that encountering these individuals will set me off on a murderous rampage. Think hypnotised CIA assassins, unaware of their status until they hear a certain word or phrase.

Speaking of advertising, whatever happened to the ads IBM would make? I really liked them. More ads that have clever dialogue and good photography and less shouting at me about water-damaged goods sitting around at Homebush that must be sold by this Sunday.

PS Kari Byron 3D ass