The USS Quad Damage

Buried treasure

Seeing as we're moving, I've been sorting through all the things out in the garage that I've accumulated over the years. Below is a sample of the cool things I have managed to find. Should I find anything else, I'll share them also. Make sure you click on the pictures, then click on "All sizes" to see it in detail.


This is the chunk of metal that was attached to my leg/ankle for a few months sometime around year seven. I had the same thing done on both legs, but there's no real point taking two pictures. Obviously, it would have been located in the same spot as the scar, but then I wouldn't be able to show it off would I?


The games and consoles that I could find. The Sega Gamegear takes SIX batteries. It's no wonder it came with a wall adapter. Those strange card things down the bottom were for some Atari console I think, but I have only the faintest memories of owning it.


Various die-cast cars. Try and find the Batmobile!


The Castle of Lions. Looks rather unassuming, if a little large.


Kamini is no match for Voltron! That thing is made up of five separate lions, just like in the cartoon. It is only somewhat awkward to put together.


OH SHIT IT OPENS UP AND THERE ARE GUNS AND OH NO WE ARE DOOMED! On the left there you can see the shitty money box I made for woodwork. I never liked woodwork.


More than meets the eye my friend.


This could have been awesome if they could stand on carpet and weren't half broken. Grimlock is but a shadow of his former self. He still kick butt, however.


How awesome was this show? I really hope I can find the rest of these.


Batman or He-man - who would win?