The USS Quad Damage

Dear viewers of Today Tonight...

Fuck you.

Hugs and kisses,
nathan Partridge

This is a collection of the most popular stories that were aired by Today Tonight last year. So what kinds of things interest the average Australian?* Do we care about the protection of our civil rights? Social equality? Foreign relations? No. What interests us is
  • Miracle breakthrough diets! Why compare the input (eating) and output (exercise) of our energy when we can just spend $100s on pills that don't do anything or only eat foods that are high/low in buzzword of the week?
  • Looking younger! Screw things like staying out of the sun or not smoking, let us instead apply acid to our faces and purchase expensive yet ineffective creams!
  • Save save save! Please purchase products mentioned in our advertorial from this shop or website!
  • Beat arthritis/back pain/random ailment! Ignore your doctors advice and drink some of our magic water while sleeping on our magnetic pillows! Dear God, fuck me with a loofa.
  • Bec and Lleyton! Fuck YOU with a loofa.

*Well, the average TT viewer anyway. There's a cubic piss-load of them and so represent a significant portion of the population.