The USS Quad Damage

A cause for national shame

Over the last few years, a favourite talking point brought up my "Current Affairs" programs, politicians and those radio guys is that of certain people (or their actions) as being "Un-Australian". What does it mean to be Australian? Is being a citizen of this nation good enough, or does it go further than this? Is it necessary to be of UK stock, speaking English as your first (and only) language? How about your actions - who you vote for, who you worship, what you do for recreation?

Another term that is thrown around quite often is "Australian Values". SInce my little write-up has been sitting in the queue for a while it isn't exactly current, but several weeks ago we had this brought up to the public's attention. The oath that Mr Costello takes issue with (which is something he and other upset "Australians" have never needed to speak) is to me completely adequate, and to add anything else would edit: I can't remember what I was going to write here so let's go with "be dumb".

I used the above link from Today Tonight rather than a real, legitimate source because of the phone poll mentioned at the bottom of the article. TT viewers voted overwhelmingly (99%) in favour of stripping citizenship from those who don't observe a term that cannot accurately be defined. If we are to kick people out for misbehaving, then we should not discriminate on whether they "flew here" or "grew here". Being a native-born citizen doesn't make you any better than a naturalised one, and those who are native (as opposed to the real native Australians) can't trace their "Australianness" back much more than 200 years (and very few can go that far back).

Personally, my definition of being "Australian" is simple. Citizenship and wanting to improve this country. If you intend to gain citizenship or are in the process of doing so you count. Improving the country is simply that of trying to make Australia better, and never being satisfied with the status quo. If I don't agree with what you think makes Australia a better place, or even the absolute vast majority of us don't agree with you, if you honestly think it would improve things you count.

As for Australian culture? BYO and share!