The USS Quad Damage

The Last Temptation of Gilchrist

I love it when a good pun for a title comes to mind. Doubly so when the reference involves a film starring, of all people, David Bowie.

For as long as I have known you guys, I have managed to render myself immune to the effects of your constant discussions and playings of the game known as cricket. I had always seen it as a slow, boring, almost passive sport. A sport that could barely even hold the interest of those playing it - how could anyone enjoy watching this trash? However, over the past 12 months or so, something happened. I can not accurately described how it came to be, but I found myself coming to terms with my true feelings towards the game. I don't like cricket.

I love it.

I want us to play it from time to time, be it in the backyard or the more pure form on an oval. I want you to teach me the finer points in regard to the skills involved so I don't feel inept when at the crease, and don't feel intimidated by the ball when I'm barely a metre away from the person batting. I think it would be totally awesome if we formed a team and played indoor cricket or something next year.