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Web 2.0: Synergising the RSS blogosphere

Get your hand off it, lads. The Web 2.0 is coming, whether you're ready for it or not. Just how is it different from version 1.0? Well, for starters, it's a whole lot cooler and uses over 47% more buzzwords. No longer will the internet be a static, non-moving entity - expect web-sites to be dynamic, and to have ever changing content. This sounds good to me, since the last time I logged on was 1997, and not a thing has been updated since as far as I can tell.

We can also look forward to the web being a presence for social networks, aimed at granting the average man the ability to easily create their own content, so we can encounter more pages that look like this, and be about things like this. It's a brave new world out there!

Sarcasm aside, the concept is benevolent at heart, it's basically a movement towards an improved idea on how content is generated and interacted with. I just can't help making fun of something that makes use of "hip" and "cool" new words, and that is so vague as to what does and does not qualify (going by their non-technical definition, anyway). Although this site could be considered as being built on 2.0 technologies, those things by themselves do not make this vessel a worthwhile addition to the internet (the only thing good point being Moh's most awesome contributions).

I guess there's no real point to this, although I can say that, during my research into Web 2.0, I've learnt several new acronyms and technical terms I can start shouting when Sunny starts with his linux talking.

TOTALLY IRRELEVANT TO THE SUBJECT: I've entered this article using ecto, and assuming all goes well, I'll keep this little blurb down here as a sign of my satisfaction. If things go wrong and all of a sudden my article is transformed into a review about intestinal hygiene products, expect me to do a Sunny-esque "Ecto sucks!" rant, detailing my distaste for the software and how it can be likened to angry homosexuals or the unions or something like that.