The USS Quad Damage

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Being in the process of sorting through my bookmarks, I thought I'd share with you some of the sites I frequent. Feel free to share some of your own - I'm always on the lookout for more ways to waste time on my computer.

Joystiq - A blog about games. Actually containing interesting news items, rather than endless batches of screenshots or reviews of videocards 5% faster than the previous iteration.
Engadget - Who doesn't love gadgets?
Applepedia - A wiki based around Macintosh computers. Probably of no interest to PC users, but this was pretty much the only website I used for the first few days of my Mac Mini ownership.
The Unofficial Apple Weblog - More fruity Apple stuff.
ENWorld - The only table-top RPG site I bother visiting. Their messageboards are actually frequented by the father of D&D, Gary Gygax.
GBSFood - A cooking site worth visiting because of the interesting foods on offer, and instructions that can actually be followed by someone such as myself.

I am also on the search for OS X applications. Here are some of thhe more interesting ones I've been using. Although probably only of interest to Paulo, perhaps if the rest of you guys would check out some of these cool programs, you too will convert to homosexuality the Apple way.

Adium - The OS X equivalent to Miranda IM. But better.
LRNJ - A game based around learning kana and kanji.
Genius - Flashcard stuff.
iFlash - A superior, commercial alternative to Genius. One day I'll probably buy it.
Lego Digital Designer - Awesome.
Megaman Effect - The only reason you need to use OS X.

Note that some of these programs are multi-platform, so check them out!