The USS Quad Damage

Apple of my eye

The development of my desktop continues. Inspired by this, I dug out my lego and got to work on some ideas of my own.

My iPod dock took the longest, and went through the most revisions (note that I'm not satisfied with it, just *done*). I made a small hole on either side of the dock through which the USB and firewire cable run, which keeps them tidy and easy to switch between should I want to.

Here you can see the other two additions I made. On the top right is my earbud holder, which keeps them from getting tangled or in the way when I have books and so forth on the desk. I clipped a magnet on the fattest part of the cord, which attaches itself to another magnet on a strange looking collection of bricks. On the bottom left is a whatsit that holds my phone, a pen and a screwdriver. When I can think of more things to add to it, I'll make it nicer looking and more stable. I almost wish I actually had a nice phone to put in it.

Can any of you think of anything further I can make or improve upon? I'm thinking of pulling apart my HDD enclosure and rebuilding it with lego, but that will probably have to depend on what bricks I have available and the colour they're in. Lego is so cool. Like, totally and stuff.

Update: I went crazy and made the enclosure. One day I'll eventually get around to removing the dust from the surface. I'm quite happy with how the finder icon turned out. Although the border is a little bit small because of size constraints, I was totally expecting not being able to pull it off. I deleted the picture of entire desktop up top and replaced it with a newer one showing the enclosure.