The USS Quad Damage

The impression that I get

My new computer finally arrived on Thursday. After having spent some time without Internet access, and much longer without a machine of any appreciable speed, it is about time. Opening the nondescript brown box it arrived in, I find myself face to face with the computer's true packaging. The box my computer came in has a handle. I think I'll be keeping that box.

For those of you who have ever read reviews of Apple hardware products, you'll be aware of the awesome feeling the individual experiences when opening the box - everything is packed away neatly and perfectly. Cables, discs, and the main product itself are all exactly where they should be. The items are all positioned in a way that makes you think "woah, feng shui". No space is wasted. I experienced this with my iPod, and my new Mini was no exception.

All of my various hardware attachments were detected and work flawlessly, excepting my having to download a third party program to take full advantage of the buttons on my mouse. The OSX GUI is going to take a lot of getting used to for me, but overall it's good. The whole zoom/maximize difference with XP is something I dislike, however. I imagine I'll start using multiple virtual desktops to help me deal with that. As time goes by I will have a better grasp of what I like and dislike about it - expect a more in-depth article in the future!