The USS Quad Damage

Do you feel like a prince yet?

This was asked of me by a mother of two children yesterday afternoon. These are the kind of questions you are asked when you are wearing a fancy purple vest in a public place. My response, of course, was "Yes, just a little". I will be doing most of my work until this Sunday in a little stand just outside the McDonald's which is part of the Sydney Entertainment Centre (across from Paddy's Markets). If you are in the area from about 10am onwards until about late afternoon/early evening, feel free to come and visit (heckle) me and purchase some goods (ask to see ten different things and not buy anything). Unless they put me somewhere else, that is.

Perhaps half the people working the merchant side of the event are from overseas, and actually tour with the production. I'll be working extra hard and doing my best to give a good impression in hope of them asking me to join them until they next come to Australia. I would seriously jump at the opportunity if offered - I would feel like I've run away to join a circus. Except, you know, without the circus.