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With the exception of Sunny, I think I've seen the rest of you guys about 3 or 4 times this year. I can only assume that this has nothing to do with you all feeling inadequate in my presence and everything to do with being busy, so I ask of you this - what have you all been doing? Why are you so busy? What important or cool things do you have coming up? Any ideas for interesting things we can all get together and do? I want to know what you are all up to! If you only intend on making one more post for the rest of this year, I want it to be in response to this article!

I'll go first.

Lately, I've been having a lot of trouble with computers. This, as you know, is nothing new. As a result of my frustrations, I've decided to switch to a Mac Mini. Again, nothing new. In a few weeks, however, I will be finally going through with my conversion. Over the next two weeks, I will be working at Disney On Ice. I originally auditioned to play the part of Ariel, and all was good until it was discovered that I cannot in fact ice skate. As a result of this, I have been offered the lesser part of selling merchandise. Look forward to me giving my initial impressions on my purchase in about a month.

A few weeks ago, Sunny and myself were successful in attaining our blue tips in hapkido. Numerically, this puts us half way to our black belts. Of course, in reality, it isn't that simple. Each step on the way gets significantly deeper and harder, and you are held to a higher standard on everything you've learnt to that point. Personally, I feel that around red tip/red belt (7-8/10) would be around halfway there in terms of effort. Still on hapkido, later this month is the annual tournament, of which my sister and I will be taking part. I intend on making a specific article about this closer to the date regarding my thoughts and the event details, but I'd really like it if people came to watch - I'll need someone to take pictures of Amy intimidating the other female competitors and of me getting hurt!

Not long from now, Amy will be getting her full license. She has made it her personal mission, upon attaining this, to teach me how to drive. For reasons I won't bother going into, the other members of my family are ill-equipped to do this. Now, I can't give any guarantees regarding the success of this endeavour, nor do I ever intend on actually owning a vehicle (and my family would rarely let me use theirs), but I hope that at least on one occasion to actually drive you guys around for a change. Although I can never make up for all the times one of you guys has needed to be responsible for my going to and from various things that we've done, I can only hope that this single future attempt will affect you all permanently enough that once will be enough.

I want us to do more than to meet somewhere and talk rubbish - I want to actually do things. Perhaps when the weather is warmer, we can have a little game of football or cricket? Although I know the basic rules of the games, the actual techniques are a complete mystery to me. How do you make the ball spin? How do you hold the bat properly? I don't know! Maybe we can try and get in touch with a bunch of people we haven't seen in ages - remember those big soccer games we'd have at lunch during high school? They're probably what I miss most from back then. Let's do it again! Just anything besides bowling.