The USS Quad Damage

It's not the years, it's the mileage

For the longest time now, I have been troubled by my vague memories of three very old games. Just recently, one of them I have encountered, and now that I know the name of the game, I intend on eventually getting around to finding it and playing it on an emulator. Because of this, I am now driven to discovering the names of the other two games in question.

The first one was a gold mining/treasure hunting game. Not in a fantastical sense, however - it didn't involve fighting pirates or evading ghosts or the like. I think it was set in the US roughly around the gold rush era (the game isn't called Gold Rush, however), and I remember there being rocky-desert type terrain. I remember that those of us in school who played it would see who could get the biggest/heaviest nugget. The game was (I think) in green monochrome, so I suspect it was on one of those old Apple computers.

The other game also was monochrome, and it involved a group of people who were stuck on a riverbank. There was a time limit involved, and if you took to long to build a raft, the river would flood and the game would end. You needed to fish to feed your people, and you had to gather wood for both the construction of the raft and for building fires to cook your food on and to keep you warm. Do either of these games seem familiar to any of you?

Failing that, does anyone else have any old gaming memories? Here is a pretty cool site that lets you run old AppleII games in IE.