The USS Quad Damage

What process would you undergo to construct an InfernoKrusher haiku?

My initial response to undertaking such a task is to attempt to fully understand the terms in question - in this case "InfernoKrusher" and "haiku". My knowledge of haiku was limited at best, as all I knew of was the 5-7-5 pattern of syllables and the presence of season imagery. To improve upon this, I consulted my favourite source for general knowledge - Wikipedia. Doing so revealed to me various rules which I can only hope I would adhere to in my poem. Before attempting my haiku, I still needed to research the other key term in my quest.

It is here where I attempted to understand the other half of knowledge lacktitude (awesome word, feel free to use it). After reading the manifesto, then on to the comments, and then both of them several times, I felt that I had achieved an adequate understanding of the idea. At first I thought I was perhaps missing something, that some unnoticed detail evaded my grasp. Is this really what it is? There is no secret, hidden meaning to it? I was troubled - does my journey end here, being unable to construct the poem because of my apparent lacktitude? No. It hits me suddenly, like some big, devious hitting thing that does so without warning. InfernoKrusher is about all things that involve infernos and/or krushing. My journey continues.

Armed with the weapons of knowledge and awesomeness, I knew the end of my odyssey was drawing near. Looking over a list of commonly used kigo (words that evoke imagery of seasons), I made my choice. The natural diet of an InfernoKrusher is the cicada, and what better season for damned heat and painful destruction than summer? After once again confirming my understanding of the things involved, I pulled out my Japanese dictionary and went to town. Here is what I managed to pull out of my arse.


The cicada's foolish question
"What is an InfernoKrusher?"*
Hell (inferno) arrives.

* The second line can be read a number of different ways, since all that is said is "InfernoKrusher". If someone was to speak any given noun to me with a questioning tone, I'd assume this is the way they meant it.

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