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The Kung fu is strong with this one

I thought about splitting this up into various separate topics so I can better handle the whole "article each day" thing I put forward, but I changed my mind. Is that ok with you? Do you mind? GET OFF MY BACK!

In the future, when I feel like I've established a solid base in Hapkido, I'd like to take up an additional style. The reasons are varied, ranging from wanting to take up an art that can help me focus on flaws in my own technique or to learn things not covered (or only lightly touched upon) in Hapkido, to things like improving fitness and doing something that's "cool" or fun. Following is what has me interested as of late.

Aikido - In many ways similar to what I already do, but in other ways completely different. It is based on circular techniques, which is cool, and they do something called randori, which is very much like my favourite thing we do in Hapkido. Plus, I can also improve (or at least maintain) my knowledge of Japanese as I train. Hakama are pretty cool as well.

Brazilian Ju-Jitsu - Although I'm not very interested in competition, I imagine my unusual arm structure would be an advantage for me (in addition to a disadvantage).

Boxing - I'm interested in doing this as a fitness thing, and as a way of learning how to stay calm and focused when under real, actual pressure (that is, when being hit). Anyone interested in buying some gloves/helmets and just going at it on weekends?

A number of other styles also interest me to a lesser degree, such as Judo (for friendly competition), various sword arts (cool), and Kungfu/Wushu (also looks cool).

Speaking of various types of martial arts, there is a big demonstration being held at Bankstown on the 18th. Sunny and myself will be going, since we were impressed by what we saw from last year. Anyone else interested?