The USS Quad Damage

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June is now "active month". Starting from today, there will be an update for each day of this month. If, by around 11pm there are no updates for that day, I will write up some bullshit to keep this promise. But please, don't let me dominate the entire month!

Personally, I'm really sick of hearing about a certain individual's name, and so will not be using it here.

Australia has now joined the "Axis of Evil". Remember that anti-terrorism campaign that ran a year or so ago? Wasn't that a wonderful expense of the public's money - a vague television ad that warned us to be wary of things unusual and out of the ordinary, and a few fridge magnets or some other bullshit. It seems that the only terrorism happening on our soil is that which we do ourselves. So why has this happened? What pressing issue would cause one of our own to take a hostile action against a foreign nation? Is Indonesia taking hostile action towards another country in the region? Are they affecting our economic stability? No, it's because some girl went to jail.

What is with the media's fascination with this event? Are there not a million other issues more deserving of attention than this? I have to hand it to the Howard Government - announcing the new laws regarding workers, unions and so forth is no coincidence, and nothing else will be in the average person's focus for weeks to come. So, why do we care about it? Would there be as much attention if she were less attractive or male? Do we feel that their laws are unjust? I'm sure we'd tell Indonesia where to go if they questioned our justice system.

Sure, I myself find it stupid that a person is going to gaol for twenty years because she went somewhere with a plant, but I'd rather be hearing about Dave Chappelle. The drug content is about the same, but at least it's entertaining!