The USS Quad Damage

They're inside the COMPUTER?

I saw Star Wars, and I enjoyed it. I don't see how anyone can possibly compare it to, of all things, Back to the Future III. By far, the best part of seeing the prequels the first time around is the slight blank pause that shows after "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...". The anticipation of what follows for the next two hours is excruciatingly compressed into a two second moment. Awesome. Watching the crazy lightsabre fights in episode 1 and 3 make me all the more eager to begin learning the shinai. (Roughly) two years is too long!

With the grading now less than 48 hours away I feel... confident! Sure, there are things I'd like to be better at before the time comes, but I feel the most important thing this time around is not the quality of the techniques, but rather to implement a number of them in a flowing manner. A barely in time block, followed immediately by several sloppy strikes and a dodgy throw/lockup is a much better thing to show than a perfect block/hit/throw with big pauses in between them. We will also probably be breaking wood this time around, which bothers me a little but not in the way you'd think. I'm fairly positive I can break it, I'm just a little worried that I might miss the target and break somebodies finger!

The next generation of consoles excites me, and I plan on owning all of them. Sony and Microsoft's entries are both vying to be your all-in-one entertainment centre, which is cool, but I'm just as excited (if not more) by Nintendo's completely different approach to the market. Giving gamers access to their entire game backlog from N64 and earlier? Most excellent. There are so many N64 games I desperately want to play, yet never had the opportunity to do so. I can see myself spending many hours playing, of all things, Pokemon Stadium.

Who wants to touch my Pikachu?