The USS Quad Damage

You know what I mean

I would like to dedicate this article to two men I have the utmost respect and admiration for - John Laws and Stan Zemanek. Now, before you click on the comment button and write an angry reply questioning my sanity, please, hear me out. I am quite sure the rather right-leaning views of these individuals don't run well with those of us at the venerable USS Quad Damage, and with most young people in general, but it is not their opinions that I hold in high regard. Hell, I'm not sure they themselves subscribe to their own ideas in numerous cases (particularly purchased comments). What I revere is their methods.

This pair know their demographic like the back of their hand. Dole bludgers. Telstra. Latte-sipping, yuppie, trendy Labor-supporters. Islam. John Howard. Multiculturalism. Aboriginals. Terrorism. Nothing sets off your average talk radio listener like these issues. They can pick up the scent at 100 paces. Nothing can urge these people into action more than an attack on "Australian Values". What is more "Australian" than (dangerously) unwavering support for our current government and fearing people different from us (us, of course, being the white majority)? Well, maybe football, meat pies, kangaroos and Holden cars rank a little higher, but not by much.

As long as talk-back radio hosts continue to mostly agree with John Howard's vision of a brave, bold future of the 1950's, they will possess secure employment. Combine this with mentions of your fondness for footy, labeling those who disagree with these views as "un-Australian", and the occasional wacky sound effect, you will never fail to cater to the lowest common denominator. I would love for a left leaning equivalent to exist to give their spin on the issues, but I doubt such people could be mean enough to be successful. They'd probably spend just as much time criticising the Labor party as well. One thing I trust they'd both agree on, however, is their hatred for The Democrats. Bloody Democrats.

Honestly, I implore you to swallow your rage and distaste for their program(me)s and give them a listen. What you are witnessing is genius at work.