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The Strongest Woman in The World

Chun Li is The Strongest Woman in The World. It's true. Sure, it's a title that she has given to herself, but can anyone else claim the ability to fly through the air upside-down like a helicopter? I think not. Feel free to challenge her for the title, but be prepared to get stuck in a corner while she repeatedly jumps on your face.

Spinning Bird Kick!

Going by the Street Fighter plot line (and what a convulted mess that is), Chun Li's is by far one of the most "normal". Her father has gone missing, and she sets out after the Shadaloo organisation to find out what happened to him. She eventually encounters M.Bison (well, Vega), whom she learns has murdered her father. She eventually brings down Shadaloo, and is probably the winner of the 2nd Street Fighter tournament.

"I want to be the girl with the most bracelets."

Oh no! Now one of her students has gone missing! She finds out that an organisation led by a man named Gill has kidnapped her. A man named Urien promises to return her student if she fights with him, since he is impressed by her awesome skills. They fight, Chun Li wins, and the girl is released. Today, she teaches a bunch of kids the ways of martial arts, hoping yet another person she knows can prevent themselves from being kidnapped or killed or whatever.


Did you know?
- Chun Li is a member of Interpol.
- She fights with Tai chi.
- Her name means "Spring beauty".
- Has been in all but two of the numerous games in the series.
- She idolises Bruce Lee.
- Likes fruit!
- For Chun Li, the day Bison graced her village was the most important day of her life. But for Bison... it was Tuesday.
- Chun Li is better than Cammy, Sakura and all the others. Only Karin comes close.
- That all pictures taken from Kikouken.