The USS Quad Damage

It's like rain on your wedding day

The other day, a funny little man was commenting to me about the popularity of Chinese character tattoos. I feel that the whole sticking kanji on things to because they look cool is totally and utterly crass, and is a clear indication of a complete lack of class, style and taste. Did I mention that orange is a rather minty colour (even more so than green)?

In all seriousness, the new site is quite nice. tim's icon makes me think that he isn't wearing any pants, and the expression to me says "Hey, ladies!". It makes me laugh, and I hope he doesn't change it. Our gentle readers may have noticed that the whole USS Quad Damage idea has expanded, and now there really will be new and exciting episodes from time to time. After a few episodes have been written by Sunny and myself, feel free to contribute to the story once you get an hold for the theme and style of writing.