The USS Quad Damage

This shoe needs some praise

I have to thank Paulo and Sally for the HDD and the CDs. I'm sure I will get around to fixing my computer any day now, and then watch all the lovely goodies on the drive.

We now have HDD/DVD recorder for the TV now. Now there is no reason for me to ever miss a show because of class, hapkido or anything else like that. Perhaps I should set it up to record the NHK news every morning? They speak way too fast for me, but the only way to improve my listening skills is with practise. Our house is now officially a VHS-free zone. The only reason we had a VCR in the house was for the very occasional event of recording something, and I am glad we have totally left behind sequential access formats. Oh no, BETA.

My teacher kept zinging me today. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but I am only funny/clever in English, and hence could not surmount an effective defense. Un!