The USS Quad Damage


Had the needle, and this time it wasn't accompanied by a panic attack. For a brief second I thought to myself "Hey, you know, that wasn't so bad, maybe I won't be so nervous if I ever need a blood test in the future...". Unfortunately, the woman who gave me the injection added "See, that wasn't so bad. Having blood taken from you is much, much worse". Great.

Whilst having the various scans done, I had a look at the monitor showing a crude, unprocessed view of bones. I noticed a strange, angular dark lump somewhere around my ankle. It really bothered me until the woman came back at the end of that particular scan and started doing things to the computer. It was the God damn mouse cursor.

Sorry for missing out on the whole car/movie thing on Saturday. I can't remember what excuses I gave everyone, but the reality was I woke up late, forgot all about it and finished watching The OC on DVD. That show is pure greatness. Pudding. Pudding. Pudding.

Sunny, we've warned Michael about bikes and we hope we don't have to do the same for you when it comes to cars. Don't be too concerned, however. I'm sure you've got a few hundred more instances of talking about them until you've reached Michael's level. Did you know he has "been clean" for nearly 6 months now? Let's give him a round of applause!