The USS Quad Damage

Why I hate computers - By nathan Partridge (Age 23)

Alas, here I am at bloody half past one, finally in Windows. Instead of making an update at a more appropriate time, I've spent the last half hour trying to figure out why Windows keeps rebooting during the boot process. After mucking about with my XP CD for a while, it decides it wants to boot. For no reason. Without me making any changes to my HDDs.

Must. Switch. Soon.

This Friday I'll be getting the scan done, and I'm more than a little anxious. Is it because of the thought of radioactive dye running through my system that bothers me? Nope. Is it the possibility of finding out that I have cancer? Hardly. It's because I have to get a needle. I am pathetic.

This is a quiz on games throughout the ages. It's a real bastard when it comes to parsing your entries, so if after you've tried every variation of the name and it still won't count, just assume you're right. I got 35/40. #22, #27, #30 and #36 I've never seen before. #29 looked very familiar but I couldn't place it (I know now).