The USS Quad Damage

Green eyes... I mean brown eyes

Some cheeseknuckles in a fully sick Ford Laser pranked us on the way home from the hospital. They were somehow able to transmit over whatever station the radio was set to, and were saying the most hilarious things. Except by hilarious things, I mean more like Homer's attempts to do something similar on the episode of the Simpsons where he buys Bart a short-wave radio. Only more pathetic and whiney/staticy. My hat goes off to you, gentlemen, and your unintelligible goldmine of comedy.

I'm very sorry for not going out on Saturday. I didn't manage to fall asleep until around 6 that morning, and I dismissed your knocking on my bedroom window as being part of a dream. I'm amazed that you actually managed to get Oprah to tag along. Did you cut the power from the house or something?