The USS Quad Damage

You'll never never know

I am not a very well traveled person. I have never even left the country, and the furthest I've ever been is either Canberra or Brisbane. Despite this, there are certain places that appeal to me as interesting places to live, especially if my cover is blown and I need to get the hell out of dodge.

The Inner City - There's just too many cool things in Sydney, and the 40 minute train ride makes traveling there on a whim impractical. This is a trip I will become very familiar with if I do go to Uni next year.

Melbourne - The other big city on this continent. Essentially all the cool stuff available in Sydney, but with weather much more to my liking. Plus, should a nuclear holocaust occur, being as far south as possible is much preferred.

New Zealand - By far the easiest country for an Australian to adapt to, New Zealand is nice and quiet, with lots of cool geography.

New York City - The city.

UAE / Dubai - Should I ever become rich, Dubai is where I want to live.

Viking countries - Scandinavia is cool.

Canada - Although a great place to live in of itself, part of its appeal is its proximity to the US. Being able to easily visit various places in the USA without actually living there is attractive.

Singapore - A tiny little place with lots and lots of cool technology shops. Pity about the weather and the wacky laws they have.

Edit: Part of its appeal is its appeal to appeal to those seeking appeal to make an appeal to everyone who oh wait is that a banana no it is just a peel.