The USS Quad Damage

Perhaps I need to get out of the kitchen

I hate Summer. I can never sleep when it is hot, much like how it was last night. Everyone else is so brown and me, with my pale, pale Celtic skin, burn within minutes of being exposed to the sun. My CPU is at 60 degrees when at idle, and everybody smells. I hate shorts, and no matter how hot it gets, I'll keep to my stubborn ways and wear long pants. As you can imagine, Winter has always been my favourite time of year.

Rain is awesome, and the impossibility of finding any pattern in its sound helps me sleep. Things aren't so damn bright. Even though the cold of Winter makes me sore, it is a far superior season to Summer. I want to live somewhere cold, like Melbourne, or one of those wacky Nordic countries. Apparently snow is pretty awesome. I think this is something I'll touch on in a later update.

My grandmother broke her hip a week or so ago. Although not normally something you'd be thankful for, it turns out this was a most fortunate occurrence. Had she not broken it and needed it to be checked out, X-Rayed and so forth, she would not have found out that she has a bone cancer in that area, and a few other lumps in other places on her skeleton. Although not the same thing as I have, I can't help but wander whether she is trying to copy me or not. I imagine that after seeing the effects of the treatment she will have to undergo in the future, I will be extra paranoid about my tumours.

I think I just might go and see somebody soon.