The USS Quad Damage

Who will be the first against the wall?

The whole digital television revolution deal displeases me. There are so many cool things they could do to help sell it to the general public, and instead, we get stupid things like channels for TAB or "Jesus on demand". They need to bring back the ABCKids feed, and bring channel 31 on board. I need to be able to watch cartoons during the day and get my daily fix of Arabic music videos.

Here are my suggestions for Mass Movie Day

Rear Window - One of my favourite movies. If none of you guys have seen a Hitchcock film, this would be a good time to rectify that.

The Princess Bride - I haven't seen this one in ages. I must warn you, however - it has kissing in it!

The Return of the King - I, uh, still haven't seen this.

Pirates of the Caribbean - Haven't seen it.

The Cars That Ate Paris - What's this? A strange film by Peter Weir? Preposterous!

Raise Your Voice - Feel good movie of the year!

Robocop - Why don't the badguys just shoot him in the mouth?

Something seriously needs to be done with our resident hermit - I'm a cripple with no money and I still get out more than that spazwagon!