The USS Quad Damage

I want to switch

And not in a queer way.

My love for my iPod knows no bounds. Well, ok, I don't have Applecare, so there are some lines I won't cross (that's both ew and zappy), but I really do like it. Until recently, Apple products have never been a part of my life. Now, I am ready to Think Different™.

A few weeks ago, I saw a modern MacOS environment for the first time (the last time I used an Apple computer being 11 years ago). I fell in love instantly. I spent the following day researching the platform, and admiring the lovely, shiny wonders on the Apple website. I eventually concluded that, although the desktop machines were out of my price range, perhaps I would own an iBook in the somewhat near future. In just one short product announcement earlier today, my stance has changed completely.

I will own a Mac mini. That product is aimed perfectly at me - someone who has grown tired with the Windows environment, yet can't afford Apple's other desktop offerings. Oh, and is pretentious enough to let aesthetics be a major selling point. Much like I felt when the iPod was released way back in 2001 (it only took me three years), this is something I knew I would eventually attain.

In addition to the obvious lures of an OS free from the issues that plague Windows, I can imagine all sorts of awesome uses for this awesome little box. Oh look, here's some point form!

- It's the perfect machine for getting my MAME (which is now becoming emulation in general) project back on track. It's tiny size means it will fit snugly in amongst the multitude of devices connected to our TV (which is actually just a really big monitor anyway).

- I have stupid amounts of anime sitting on various CDs, all unwatched (with countless more that I can get from Sunny, Sally and so forth). I hate watching movies on my monitor, and cannot wait to watch all this stuff on our big screen on a comfortable lounge.

- Very handy for editing our movie projects. We can shoot something, then easily start some basic editing at whoever's house is closest to see if we're satisfied with what we have, if it fits with what we've already done, and if we need to reshoot.

- General file server for our LANs (and game server where possible). I suppose it even runs CIV3, so that would give tim something to do.

- Bring about world peace.

I'm sure I'll be able to think of even more uses when I actually do own one. I'd convert completely if it wasn't for my love of PC gaming.