The USS Quad Damage

Walk through the fire

I'm losing my touch.

Or, more accurately should I say, people no longer engage me on ICQ or whatever as of late, and hence I'm not getting enough practice. People seem to either be busy with that bloody Warcraft game or random life stuff. And it sickens me. We hardly ever do anything anymore, so annoying you people online is my only outlet. The only person that ever replies to me is Sunny, and he's a mental case, so he doesn't count. I think I'm going to visit my basement and make newer, better friends out of the parts I've been keeping down there.

Oh, look here, some random links

Same Difference - So perfect, if you ignore the fact that it ends.

Something Positive
- So wrong, it's right.

Sexy Losers - So wrong, it's wrong.

Fuzzy's Logic
- Of the two blog things that I read, this is the only one that ever updates anymore. I've read it for such a very long time - way before the term blog was ever coined. I stopped reading it for a few months, came back, and then "Holy shit!" - the guy ends up developing the same type of tumour I have (although not the disease). Not too long ago he made an update regarding his thoughts on the issue that really sums up how I feel about it myself. Well, except for the whole having to drive an automatic part.