The USS Quad Damage

You could say I did it all for the Wookiee

For those of you who bother to look in the draft queue or whatever it is, you'll note that I mentioned I'd take pictures of my gifts. I quite simply can't be arsed doing that, so you'll have to settle for a quick summary instead. If you're lucky, perhaps there will be a picture of me with a silly hat in the future. You'll have to behave, however.

I ended up acquiring

- A new keyboard with wonderfully confusing button shapes and layout.
- A bunch of accessories for my iPod, including a cover for the iPod mini which is of no use to me.
- A bunch of DVDs, which almost completes my Buffy and Angel collection.
- Manga.
- Various boxes of chocolate that I'm going to have to give away.

Although not mine, we also now have a really nice airhockey table. We must have a tournament some time.

I'm sad to say I've temporarily lost my resolve and have pigged out the last few days, but I imagine everyone else on the planet (who can, at least) has also, so in a way I'm not really going backwards at all. A down side I have found to the whole body/temple way of life is that my clothes no longer fit. I guess I'll just have to wear my brother's clothes instead. That bastard has way too many clothes to be able to call himself a man. Or straight for that matter.

And since I love using point form oh so much, here's some random crap - in point form!

- I've been having strange dreams about Australian Idol as of late.
- When nobody is looking, I gently rub my iPod along the side of my face. Seriously, that little bundle of joy has done way more for me than you nuggets ever have.
- We have to start a new campaign! Although I imagine Michael is too busy, and Harpreet is too much of a bum to get started again. I always put so much work making and getting into a character, yet I don't ever want to resurrect old ones. Waldorf unfortunately died in a freak yoghurt accident.
- Still an INFP, whatever that means.
- Some people seem to think I'm quite the hilarious person. It seems you guys know better.