The USS Quad Damage

You're braver than I thought

On Wednesday night, our (indoor) cats, whilst looking out the flyscreen door, encountered a stray cat. Tipsy, being very territorial, roamed the house for a good hour after we closed the front door, trying to find where it went. Miss Kitty, of course, was very timid and rather scared of this new cats presence. Tonight, around the same time as before, the cat came back to our front door. After intense diplomatic discussion (food), I coaxed the cat to come close enough to let me pet it and take a picture. It's a rather cute animal, in a kind of ugly way.

The thing is, now that I've fed it, I expect to be seeing it a lot in the future. At this very moment, it's sleeping on our driveway. As much as I want to take it in and look after it, especially upon seeing all the cuts and scars it had, it's just not going to happen. We can barely afford two cats as it is, and I'm sure Tipsy would kill it if he had the chance. It took as a good month before we could trust him in the same room as Miss Kitty when we brought her home.

A word of warning - although you may have cats who, because of continuous human contact, don't mind too much being picked up, don't assume the same of a stray. Ouch.