The USS Quad Damage


This picture here is the theme I propose for our next photo hunt. I'd like to take action shots of as many people we know, and then photoshop them into an iPod ad style. All it takes to be involved is to have an idea of how you want to be presented, and then let me take a few pictures of you posing against a relatively solid coloured wall. In particular, we have to get one of Hurshey sitting on a chair with his guitar, since he's someone we know who actually has talent in something they can be photographed doing. Make comments to this post as to poses/styles that can be applied to yourself or someone we know. Perhaps Moh with some sort of weapon?

Please note that the example I posted was just that - an example. When it comes to editing the pictures we take, I'll be spending much more time smoothing the outline and things like that.

Anyway, this need not be a weekend thing where only a few people who are available end up doing. I can take pictures of anyone at anytime, and can edit pictures that have already been taken (I know I'll be going over all my images to see what else I can do).