The USS Quad Damage

Chateau Sasquatch '92. A very bad year.

I've refined my desktop even more, here is a picture of it at the moment. I've deleted the one below, now that it's out of date. The link stuff on my background is from here, with many modifications, of course. Unfortunately, I'm having the occasional javascript errors. It's still pretty cool, however. The calendar, statistics and everything else are done my rainmeter and rainlendar, both of which are found here.

With the exception of the language, I'm using the default version of the calendar program. It looked so cool as it was, I never bothered looking at other skins for it. My main stats thing in the bottom right corner is a complete mix of various addons people have done to rainmeter, which can all be found in the skins section of the previously linked site. On the left, I have RSS feeds to both this site and BBC world news. I wondered why Google News didn't offer feeds, but then I realised they are really just a bunch of feeds from other sites, and having a feed of a feed probably breaks some rule of the natural universe. Don't mess with that shit.

The wallpaper box, however, doesn't do a thing other than show what image is my current wallpaper. I took way too long making my stuff fit around my background, and so having an option to switch pictures would just ruin everything. So, at the moment, that little box is so gloriously pointless, it's just too cool not to include.

Even if you aren't looking to make your desktop pretty, I seriously recommend using rainlendar - and don't worry, the default version of it isn't in Japanese like mine.