The USS Quad Damage

Once more, with feeling!

Every few months, my aesthetics preferences regarding my computer change between either looking awesome or being Spartan and efficient. I've finally grown tired of the absolutely minimal look I managed to get XP to show (basically Win95 + black background), and have now gone down the road of pretty colours. Starting sometime in the afternoon on Wednesday (note the time this is posted!), I've finally decided on a (more or less) final look. There are still a few kinks to work out, such as why does my IP have a percentage sign, the random disappearance of the weather function (so cool!), and my inability to get the text to sit properly over the search bars, but overall I'm satisfied with it.

Notice the difference in approaching desktop crap between Sunny and myself? While Sunny provides obscure references to stuff only Paulo would have heard of, I present a pretty picture. Deskmenu xi++ v2.094ar2 Championship Edition doesn't hold a candle to Rei, don't you think?