The USS Quad Damage

I can resist anything but temptation

Going over the pictures taken on Sunday, I am now painfully aware of the limitations of my camera. Without any zoom what so ever, and with really dodgy manual sights, you end up with mostly dodgy images. And you were right, I really should have taken a lot more photos. The bad points aside, I've learnt that Campbelltown genuinely is a really wacky place.

As of late I have had (even more so) trouble sleeping, due to what feels like a growth on the inside of my ribcage, prodding into whatever red and pink organ is in that area. If it continues to get worse, I'll have to go see someone about it. Who knows, perhaps I'll be losing a rib in the future?

This isn't really deserving of a new post, so I'll just edit this into here. Seems like they will be introducing weapons at green-tip with the new syllabus, so extra big happy fun ahead.