The USS Quad Damage

On the fourth day of Christmas...

Now, with a last name like Partridge, you'd expect I'd get a bit of flak because of it. Particularly around Christmas. Funnily enough, this has never been the case for me. Or, at least, for the obvious reasons. Rather, I get old people asking me whether I can sing or play an instrument. This is a reference to some old TV show called "The Partridge Family". Think "The Brady Bunch", but, get this, the whole family is a band. Anyone who thinks that the current status of television is at it's lowest point in history has obviously not been watching it for long. It doesn't really bother me, however - at least I'm not Kalasi!

I've been going over my pictures in Adobe Photoshop Album, which is a rather cool program which lets you use tags and such to make categories and whatever. I've come to realise that almost half of the images on my drive are from either Paulo, or were taken by tim when he went crazy with my camera over the last week. This, of course, has inspired me to be more prolific with my picture taking, especially when you take the golden ratio into account. For every 100 pictures you take, throw away 99. It's all you need to know. The various rules about thirds and lighting and what have you are useless - just be a picture taking whore.

Hey, look, cool people! And by cool people I mean just me.