The USS Quad Damage

For real this time

As some of you will have figured out from your mail, there's now a blog for our film stuff. The link is on the right. I'm hoping that by having something like this, we can be more organised with what we do, enabling us to tackle bigger, better projects. Although it will be very rough and without structure or "posting guidelines" for a few days, feel free to make topics.

On a completely different note, I was recently asked to help someone with some work for a class they're doing. It was mostly based around typing letters and business correspondence and the like. And by help, I mean do, since she really didn't understand what she had to do for some of them. Unfortunately, I went a little overboard on the quality, since her english isn't perfect, nor does she even have a PC. The teacher, after going over them, could instantly tell that she had "help". Partly because of the level of language used, but mostly because I included things they had yet to cover in class. Oops. Everything turned alright in the end, however.

Why can't I ever put effort into my own work? Crazy.