The USS Quad Damage

You go first!

The LAN was pretty much like any other we have had. Games were played for only about 1/3rd of the time, the rest spent either copying junk or trying to get a game to work. Well, no, it wasn't completely the same as other LANs. I did learn that poking fun at Sam and Frodo's "relationship" will never get old. Ever.

I've now finished class for the year, which puts me at the half way mark for learning in a classroom environment (of course, I'll be learning on my own for the rest of my life). For the next few months, I'll be learning the kanji I want to learn at my own pace, so I expect my "tally" to go up a little quicker than it has been lately.

I've gone and made little flash cards for the kanji, and at only just a few percent into the "necessary" characters, the pile is already starting to get a little thick. I'll probably have to start practising writing them. If I see a character I know, I can usually read it, but if you ask me to write one, there's a good chance I'll draw a total blank.

Speaking Japanese is a relatively easy thing to learn - it's very modular when it comes to modifying words, and there's very few exceptions to rules (unlike a certain language I won't mention here). Reading and writing, however, is a complete, utter bastard. They had to go and borrow an already complex writing system (Chinese), and then go and make it even harder. Well, at least spelling is never an issue.

This coming weekend, I'd like to either start filming our next project, or to spend a day just taking pictures. Anyone interested?