The USS Quad Damage

I'm feeling... orange

Miss Kitty is in heat at the moment, so every few hours she decides to walk around the house, meowing constantly. Fortunately, Tipsy is desexed, so all he does is bite her on the neck when he mounts her. They are both very confused.

LAN tomorrow, big, big fun. Sadly, I have very little space left on my PC, and only a few blank discs to archive to. Funnily enough, my iPod has a whole stack of space free, so I'll probably have to use that for any of the junk I'll be getting off of you all.

It seems the topic for our next 'photo hunt' is the greater Campbelltown area. Look forward to images mainly consisting of urban decay and abandoned cars. With two big SD cards, a stack of rechargable batteries, an SD card reader and a laptop, we could seriously spend an entire day taking hundreds of pictures, which could easily net us at least two good ones!

Although I'm not grading this coming Thursday, I have been practising as much as possible leading up to the day, and plan on doing my best during the class. It will be a good opportunity to see what I need to work on for when I do grade.