The USS Quad Damage

No man is an... archipelago?

For those of you who like to have a good laugh at me (and who doesn't?), here is an interesting picture of my current predicament. I managed to, without realising it, slide the ring over the knuckle. I have to leave for class in about 90 minutes, so I desperately hope I can get it off in time. To answer your questions, yes, that is the page on my monitor, and yes, it is stupidly difficult to type with that thing on.

Miss Kitty doesn't like being held. This is normal for most cats. A cat that doesn't wish to be held will either squirm or make a bloody mess of your face. Often both. My cat, however, has developed a rather unique defense mechanism against being handled. She passes wind. She is an evil, evil cat. I'm afraid we are all turning into crazy old cat ladies.