The USS Quad Damage

nathan VS Cityrail - part 4 - Electric Boogaloo

Travelling by train enables you to encounter a wide variety of interesting people. Tonight, on the way home, I noticed a girl carrying a long, red, thin bag by her side. Being asian, I thought to myself "Well, she most certainly be carrying some sort of weapon in there. All asian girls are ready to flip out on the spot and remove your head." I can think some real stupid shit at times. She soon unties the bag at the top, and then inspects the two items held within. One is some strange, warped, hollow piece of wood. Either some sort of sculpture or the wackiest didgeridoo on the planet. The other item being, to my amazement, a bokken.

I feel ever so safer travelling by rail now, since I know that short, asian girls will come to my rescue. With much fury.