The USS Quad Damage

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My oh so exciting history of gaming machines!

At various times during my childhood, an Atari was present at some point. I've looked at various pictures of the 2600, the 5200 and the 7800, and have concluded I have owned each of them at one time or another. I can recall playing Donkey Kong, Pitfall and some racing game. The thing that sticks out the most in my memory is the strange peripherals they had.

The Commodore 64 is the real beginning of my gaming days. I think I was around 5 or 6 when we got it, and later that day my uncle came over with the many games he had for his system. We even had a modem for it, and connected to some BBS with it, and downloaded a game called The Hobbit. Man, I was 7 year old game pirate in the 80's. With help from my father, of course. I have probably played literally hundreds of different games on this, and will at some point download an emulator and a big romset for it. Nostalgia is great. Loading a game from a tape drive, however, is not.

Where my friends had 286/386/486s or Apples, I had an Amiga 500. At it's height, the A500 was the best computer gaming system. We even had a second disk drive and a 1meg RAM module!

Yes, I fell into the Sega camp. Not really by choice, but because not a single person I knew had a NES, whereas they all had Master Systems. Primary and (early) highschool afternoons would be spent at either mine our Kris Litson's house, playing Sonic or Spy Vs Spy.

Eventually a Mega Drive was purchased, and an entire year was wasted by playing NBA Live 9x (I can't remember which one).

Sure, our Game Gear had colour, but it was big, awkward to hold, and the batteries did not last very long. On the other hand, it had Columns. Tough call.

Sometime during year 7, I went to Simon's house and was introduced to a little game called X-Wing. So enthralled was I by the ability to pilot an X-Wing, that I bought the CD version of the game, even though I did not have a PC. I would play this at Michael's house for months until we finally got one. I, as you know, am still with PC's, but other than my insane CD drive clamp job, and my DOS->Win 3.11->95->98 install, it's not an interesting story to tell.

My Playstation 2 takes me to The Third Place, whatever the hell that means.

Christ almighty, I always forget I have a Nintendo Gamecube. Crazy.