The USS Quad Damage

Gentleman, what we face here is a DEFICIT SCENARIO!

On saturday night, I had a dream involving all sorts of things, most of which is now lost to me. I can remember that it involved kung fu, various people from my life I haven't seen in a long time, and a lot of wandering around. More importantly, it involved Australian Idol. I can not for the life of me remember whether I was on the show, or in the audience, or perhaps if I snuck into the change rooms. This section of my dream featured two main parts. The first was about me wandering aimlessly around, desperately hoping to find Chanel. I'm pretty sure I never did. The second part involved me being a real arsehole to Courtney who, in turn, was a real dickhead back to me.

I rarely remember details of my dreams after the fact, although sometimes I can continue on with them if I'm only semi-concious when waking. Perhaps half of my dreams are just strange events, usually involving people I know. I'm under the impression this is what dreaming is for everyone else. However, the other ~50% of the time I dream, it's all so very abstract. It's very hard to explain. I'll try and liken it to art. My normal dreams are like that painting of the dogs playing poker - strange, wacky, but still the components are all (mostly) familiar and explainable. My other dreams, however, are more like fractal pictures, or those really messed up things by that guy who cut off a digit. You know who I'm talking about, he drove that blue car.

If I can remember any details of future dreams, I'll post them. If I can't recall anything interesting, perhaps I'll go more into detail about common features of my "normal" dreams, my ability to control them, the enormously creepy way I can sometimes figure out I'm dreaming, and other boring things like that. And perhaps I;ll give a serious attempt to explain my completely left-field ones as well, if I can figure out how to express them.

OK, I lied just up there. I know what I have to say isn't boring at all, and that you all hang on my every word. It's alright, I'm used to being awesome. Ask me how!