The USS Quad Damage

It seems that I've found my line.

I am at my wits fucking end.

With the exception of my brother and myself, the rest of my family are currently in Bali. Every single day since they have left, this house has been full of strangers, all of which are rude, loud, obnoxious, and drugged-up.

This coming friday night/saturday/sunday, I beg of you all, as a personal favour to me, please come over to my house and we can do whatever the hell you want. As long as all of our food is eaten by people I know, I'll be happy. I would be thrilled that, if I'm going to kept up until the wee hours of the next fucking day, I'd rather it be because of good, intelligent, decent people keeping me company, rather than because of stupidly loud voices and the constant sound of things breaking and doors slamming.

I would rather have someone who knows what they're doing use our barbecque, than have to clean up that awful black mess again. I also look forward to having people around who aren't annoyed by the cats, who have been locked in the laundry for most of the past three days now.

In fact, any of you are free to come over any day of this week, for any possible reason you can think of. AND SOMEBODY PLEASE BORROW THE PS2 BEFORE THEY BREAK IT.