The USS Quad Damage

We'll surely avoid scurvy if we all eat an orange.

I'd say that it is now safe to assume that we will no longer be seeing Miss Chanel Cole from now on. I can now begin the process of recovery, and get on with my life.

I have now taken to drinking water. Only water. Do you know what drinking only water does to you? It makes you realise just how de-hydrated you really are, and if you've been drinking as much as I have, you need to piss every hour.

The next Hapkido grading is just over a month away (December 2nd). I'll need to train extra hard on my kicks, which have always been my weak point. Perhaps I'd be able to pull off better kicks if people were there to watch, eh? (HINT). Honest, the stuff Sunny and myself now do is getting very interesting now - you'll get to see us put people (and consequently be put on our own) on their arses now.

Fear Factory - What I love about Fear Factory is that their albums are really albums, not just a colleciton of songs on a CD. Metal groups tend to make albums around a story or have them themed more than any other genre, and Fear Factory do it well.

Foo Fighters - I'll just ignore the whole strange deal with AIDS that they've got going on. I found their first album mostly boring at first, but ended up liking it a little by the end. The Colour and the Shape I found to be much better.

Sonic Animation - Orchid for the Afterworld is just plain awesome. Totally all over the place in style, but manages to stay funky throughout. I shall endeavour to acquire more of their work.

Curse of Monkey Island - Fun fun fun. Because being a pirate should be about witty repartee. Verbal sparring is the best sparring of all.