The USS Quad Damage

nathan seems to have some free time.

The page now has a random message thing up the top. Feel free to message Sunny or myself if you have any suggestions to add to it.

It seems this page is slowly turning into an outlet for me to obsess over things. I'm sure you all enjoy reading about how the smallest, insignificant things are the big issues for me and affect my life in great ways. Today I'll be discussing my hands.

My small, soft, girly hands. I don't fully understand why they are so feminine, but I suspect that keeping them out of the sun and avoiding manual labour has preserved them as such. Well, I'm sure we've all seen that episode of Seinfeld. Overall, however, I like my hands. Even if they do hurt like absolute bastards from time to time.

But then, maybe this is all just a ploy so I can remind you with the picture that I have an iPod and you don't.

Oh, I've also noticed every single one of you have hobbit feet. That really grosses me out. At least, that's what I'd be thinking if I wasn't to busy questioning my masculinity over my inability to grow hair on my feet.