The USS Quad Damage

A glove is just a hand bag.

The new look of the site is very nice. Almost as if it were professional. I imagine it will go under minor changes over the next few days, but only the most anal of people will notice them. Speak to Sunny if you have any suggestions or problems. Expect to see a link on the side to a seperate blog when I finish the first draft of the movie. I think using a new blog for the development of the film will be a good idea for main issues. Minor stuff can still be traded back and forth through email.

Multiple self defense with your eyes closed is a very different experience. Your body tenses up all on it's own in anticipation of an attack that could come from anywhere. It really changes the way you think when dealing with an opponent. Of course, a much more interesting experience is being an attacker against a defender with their eyes closed. Hands always seem to find themselves on your face or even in your mouth.

I've finally gotten my hands on Monkey Island 3 and 4. Of course, I already had 3, but a certain person who borrowed it for a considerably lengthy amount of time scratched the cds so that the game no longer worked. I'm not bitter though, Stuart! Supposedly the fourth installment isn't as good as the previous 3, of which I enjoyed all of. I do remember the first two being rather hard for me back then. I can't believe I used to play all those games back before the Internet took off. If you were stuck, that was it - the game was effectively over!