The USS Quad Damage


Apparently there's something called Animania happening this weekend. Of course, for the last two years I've talked about going to various geek conventions of all sorts, and not once have I ever ended up going to one. The $25 entrance fee is steep, even if it does run all day, but can you really put a price on seeing large, bearded men dressed as Sailor Jupiter? Well, apparently you can.

Cake - Normally, I can't stand music where the singer of a group has an "interesting" (that is, annoying) voice as opposed to a good one. For once, I can make an exception. I only have Prolonging the Magic, so I'll have to give their other discs a try one day.

The Black Mages - Various pieces of music from Final Fantasy games mixed with metal. So very good. Reminds me a lot of Machinae Supremacy, of which I need to get around to finding an album of. The whole electronic part of their music reminds me of the type of music you'd find in Commodore 64 games. It looks like there is a second album in the works, going by what I can read (which isn't much!).

Iced Earth - Sweet. Any band that can work "The Astral Plane" into a track gets my vote.

As of late, if I ever find myself in my father's car, one of the two following CDs are probably playing.

Billy Ray Cyrus - Dear God, make it stop. Please, my brain is trying to escape my skull and out the window. What did I do to make you so angry? Heeeeeelp...

Ricky Martin - And not an album, but the God damn Cup of Life single. Jesus Christ, each version of that painful song is somehow more evil than the last. Look, God, it's not like I tried to invade Europe or something. Please make the CD player break down or something. I promise to stop using Christian blasphemy if you do this one favour for me. I swear to God!

Super Smash Brothers Melee - Whilst looking for some DVD I can't remember, I came upon a Gamecube. Holy shit, I forgot I even had one. A few days later, and I've finally unlocked all the characters. I only wish I had 3 more controllers for the thing. Pika! Pika! Pikachuuu...