The USS Quad Damage

So much for sleeping.

Well, here I am, up on the computer even though I went to bed over an hour ago. It's impossible for me to sleep once I begin brainstorming. At the moment, I've started writing up a draft on our next film. Why am I so excited? Because I plan on this being an actual long term project, rather than 30 minutes of planning, and then an afternoon shooting. I don't intend on showing the draft to you guys until I've done a fair bit of it. I hope we can start shooting some of it after Sunny completes his thesis (which is when, Sunny?).

What I will say about it is that, yes, it does involve ninjas, and that I hope to include as many people to play parts as I can get interested. At some point, I will need people involved as either characters, mooks or voice acting (!).