The USS Quad Damage

Poopaki... that's a triple word score!

For perhaps the dozenth (what?) time, I want to encourage you other guys to make posts. It's really simple - if you can't think of an original thing to talk about, steal topics from the most recent submissions. You'll notice that about half of the shit I've written is just me insulting Sunny's opinions. My motive for encouragement? So I can make fun of other people for a change, of course!

If you read Sunny's "I'm a Telecommunications Arsehole" comment somewhere below, you'll notice he managed to use no less than five different acronyms in just the one paragraph. Just... wow!

I've given the phone hate issue some considerable thought (about half a minute), and have discovered the very cause of my cellular rage. It's the God damn noise that every phone makes when you press a button. Whether someone is writing an SMS, playing that stupid snake game, amusing yourself by browsing your contacts list or whatever the hell it is everyone else is doing whilst huddled over their little machines, it is all accompanied by that terrible click-click-clicky! noise. Still, this is infinitely more tolerable than those evil phones that actually play a sound through the speaker when your piss farting around in their menus. Why?!

Not long ago, I acquired the Complete Calvin and Hobbes comic strip collection... thing. Dinosaurs, aliens, messing around with time, and pondering existance whilst dangerously hurtling down a hill in a wagon with your best friend is my kind of cool.

Stuart has discovered the ultimate sparring technique. When your opponent stops to bow when acknowledging a clean point, you throw a kick at their chest. Just brilliant.