The USS Quad Damage

Dirty Strumpet!

I think I'm becoming a postwhore - I promised myself I wouldn't make anymore updates until another person did. And here I am, in the wee hours typing rather than going to sleep like a normal person. Well, if I was a normal person I suppose I'd be out drinking, so let's just categorise me as a Thetan. It's just easier that way.

It's good to see Paulo post - I hope it's something we see more of when he is less busy with the billion things it is that he does. What is it exactly that's going to keep you busy for the next fortnight?

Wireless is a possibility, but apparently I can also get Telstra Cable here (well, according to their website here). As much as I hate you guys for having broadband, I fear I cannot join you until I have a job that gives me work a little more reliably than my current one. And before I get cable/wireless, I'll still need to pay you back the money I owe you.

I've finally made the change to Miranda IM. Better than ICQ in most ways, but I'll be checking the front page constantly for a release of a plugin that properly imports ICQ 2003b databases. Fortunately, Miranda can export histories into a nice and convenient html file, which makes archiving the crap you all talk to me with far easier to backup than ICQ does. I've already lost everything on ICQ prior to about 2002, which makes me very sad indeed. I can now make an MSN/AIM/Jabber account if anybody really wants me to.